Below is a few pricing options of the valets that are available to you.  We will always discuss with you your needs and make recommendations accordingly.  You can be assured of a friendly, professional service and satisfaction guaranteed.  The prices listed below are a rough guide.  Final pricing is dependant on condition of your vehicle (Excessive soiling, pet hair, contamination etc)

Mini Valet      From £30

With this package your vehicle will be treated to a full and thorough safe wash with a wax finish.  The wheels will be thoroughly cleaned and tyres dressed for the showroom look.


The interior will be full vacuumed, plastics cleaned, windows polished and door checks cleaned for that finishing touch.


Time allowance - up to 2 hours

Full Valet        From £65

This is our most popular package by far. This includes everything mentioned in the Mini Valet but also includes;


-Tar removal

-High Quality, hand applied wax

-Seat shampoo/leather clean

-Engine bay clean


With this package we do use the best methods for cleaning these areas whilst looking after your delicates! We tend to steam engine bays and seats before we move onto more intensive methods (if required).


Time allowance  - up to 4 hours

The Overhaul     From £120

This is our real SHINE package and would be our last valeting package before we would recommend your vehicle being Detailed.

Includes everything mentioned in Mini Valet and Full Valet package but also includes;


-Full decontamination.   This is dealing with those really annoying yellow spots and iron build ups on wheels and all the rough stuff on your paint and glass. 


- Significantly more time spent on each of these other aspects. Pet hair, odours etc all have the time required to fully deal with these issues.


Time allowance - From 8 hours